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What should you consider when picking the venue for your wedding? Before you book a photographer, what should you ask? How important is it to have a trial session for your wedding makeup? How can a certified gemologist help you before you buy your wedding rings? Need advice on creating a signature cocktail? Wedding music – DJ or live musicians? Having a same-sex wedding and want to be sure your vendors are allies of the LGBT community?  You have questions. I know people who have the answers.

Meet some of Connecticut's best wedding vendors on “Weddings with Zita,” one of three shows I host and produce. You can find all three (Weddings with Zita / Page 1 / Full Bloom) on

The tagline for Weddings with Zita is: Be inspired by the experts.  My goal is to provide viewers with information and inspiration. Most of the guests are wedding vendors. They have included fellow officiants — for traditional and same-sex ceremonies, a jeweler, photographers, DJs, musicians, a wedding planner, florists, a caterer, cake designers, bartenders, a stationer, a makeup artist, a couple's counselor, and more. And lots more to come!

Weddings with Zita, 1 of 3 shows produced by Moon River Rituals on youtube

When it comes to wedding experts, who better to talk about the experience than newlyweds? Their 20-20 hindsight gives a valuable perspective on the wedding planning process.

All three shows are taped at the Cox Communications public access studio in Manchester, CT. I'm fortunate to have access to a professional studio with four cameras, lights, microphones, a dedicated Cox advisor, and a volunteer crew that has been with me for over a decade. Thank you, Don Modean (director), Art Querido (audio and graphics), Ellen Strano (graphics and camera), Dick Christian (camera), and Greg Thresher (my Cox Communications advisor).

Regulations prohibit discussions that would be considered “commercial,” though I can talk about ranges of costs and industry averages. So if you watch an interview and would like specific information about the cost of that vendor's services, I encourage you to contact the vendor directly. Please tell the vendor you saw the interview on Youtube!

Show 001 / Officiant Mary Coburn

Show 002 / Jeweler and Gemologist Jacki Friedrich / Friedrich Jewelers

Show 003 / Travel Advisor Bill Potuchek / Dream Vacation Travels

Show 004 / Cake Designer and Chef Matthew Segura / Vida Doce Pastry Shop

Show 005 / Kevin and Holly Bishop / Golden Scroll Soloists

Show 006 / Caterer Louise Albin / Cafe Louise

Show 007 / Wedding Planner Nancy Goldstein / Amazing Celebrations

Show 008 / Florist Terri Krisavage / Terri Krisavage Wedding and Events Florals

Show 009 / Same-Sex Wedding Officiant Elisa Chase / Tapestry Ceremonies

Show 010 / Stationer Ashleigh Pritchard / Charm Cat

Show 011 / Venue CEO Dwayne Harris / Cheney Hall ~ Little Theater of Manchester

Show 012 / DJ Bob Adamowicz / Entertainment Unlimited of New England

Show 013 / Musician and DJ Shawn Santanello / Virenent

Show 014 / Newlyweds Zak and Elissa Slavin

Show 015 / Photographer Amber Jones

Show 016 / Bartending Service Bob Copell and Nina Rivera / Two Pour Guys

Show 017 / Officiant and Couples' Counselor Judith O'Connor

Show 018  / Wedding Rituals by Zita Christian (Yep, I was both host and guest!)

Show 019 / Jeweler and Gemologist Jacki Friedrich / Friedrich Jewelers

Show 020 / Wedding Planner Lisa DiBenedetto / Nightingale Events

Show 021  /  Celebrant Foundation & Institute Academic Manager Elisa Chase

Show 022  /  DJ Mike Tierney / Audio Media Solutions

Show 023 / Makeup Artist Pamela Contreras / Kiss and Makeup

Curious about my other two shows? Full Bloom launched in 2001 as an hour-long show on a wide variety of topics ranging from high tech skincare to training animals for live theater to planning a funeral to hiking the Appalachian Trail to forensic science with internationally known Dr. Henry Lee, to a 4-part series about caregiving for dementia patients, to the Connecticut Innocence Project and a stirring interview with James Calvin Tillman who spent 17.5 years in prison until exonerated by DNA evidence. I'm proud to say that several Full Bloom episodes received a Pegasus Award, national recognition for amateur video production.

Eventually, I reframed Full Bloom to a 30-minute show. I'm working now to edit several of the original shows into the shorter format as the “Best of Full Bloom.” In the meantime, Full Bloom is in hibernation.

Page 1 launched in 2004. Most of the guests have been writers, some self-published, some New York Times bestselling authors. Books have included popular fiction, romance, fantasy, historical romance, suspense, women's fiction, memoir, poetry, young adult, middle-grade fiction, graphic novels, nonfiction, self-help, and more. I've also interviewed editors, several filmmakers, and a screenwriting instructor. Page 1 also began as an hour-long show and has since been trimmed to 30 minutes. It, too, has won several national Pegasus Awards.

If you catch the opening of a 30-minute Page 1 show, you'll see a brief clip of a guest talking about how something “moves along, just like fiction.” The speaker is the late Liz Aleshire, a dear friend and fellow author. Liz helped me get both Full Bloom and Page 1 off the ground. The clip lets me hear her voice.