Are you on the hunt for a treasure? Looking for a unique gift? Perhaps you want to add a meaningful ritual to a holiday celebration or a rite of passage. If so, please consider the jewelry, handfasting cords, bridal belts, oathing stones, baby blessing nests, and other items you’ll find on my Etsy shop.   PLEASE NOTE! WHILE I’M MOVING, MY SHOP IS ON VACATION UNTIL THANKSGIVING 2021!  If you’re interested in a specific item, please email me < zita@moonriverituals >and I’l set it aside for you as soon as I get back to my home. Thanks for your patience. 

Begin your new project with handmade cardinal earrings

Celebrate the sweetness of life with honeybee earrings

Feel the depth of emotions with Sea Turtle earrings

Full Moon? Get ready to howl with these Wolf Earrings

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find. Each item is made by hand. No two are alike so expect slight variations.

Dare to dream with these Dragonfly Earrings

Be enchanted with the magic of these Crow Earrings

Each pair is $54 and includes free shipping.  Packaged for gifting!

You can find more details and other animal totem earrings on my Etsy shop. Here’s the link.

Having a nontraditional wedding? Make your vows on an oathing stone. Hold the stone and renew your vows on your anniversary. Each oathing stone is painted by hand so expect variations. Through 2018 — only $69 each.  Some of the stone shown below are available for purchase. Others are examples of custom oathing stones made for couples who wanted to create a family heirloom. You’ll find more details on my Etsy shop. Here’s the link.

Oathing stone for a vineyard wedding, painted by artist Carol Chaput

An oathing stone painted with a pink lotus flower

An oathing stone painted for Thomas and Raffaele who fell in love in Rome’s ancient garden of oranges

A silvery moon shines in the bare branches of a tree

Oathing stone inscribed with Celtic symbol “gra” meaning “love.”

Nesting Pair of dark stone owls and owlet

Baby Blessing Owls

Nesting Family with Twins

Imagine a Baby Blessing symbolized by a nesting pair of owls and their baby owlet.  I wrote the ritual. My friend and artist Carol Chaput painted the owls. Set in a nest of natural material, the wise little family is both a work of art and a symbol for love and security. As your family grows, you can add owlets to the nest!  Each nesting pair with one owlet, nest and moss is $89 and includes free shipping.

Some of the owls you see here are available to be part of your family. Others were custom made for and have found homes.

Apricot rosebuds for a bridal belt or handfasting cord

Crystal and Adam tie the knot! Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

Vineyard colors for a bridal belt or handfasting cord

When you’re ready to literally tie the knot, consider doing so with one of my custom handfasting cords.

These are not the traditional braided cords. Made with layers of satin ribbon and assorted lace and braid, each cord is approximately 9 feet long. On each end is a hand-beaded fringe. The fringe on custom cords has between 300-400 Swarovski pearls and/or crystals. Custom cords average $450 – $500.

Add a new knot on  each  anniversary. Add a knot in a  Baby Blessing and the cord becomes a family heirloom.  

My cords can be used as bridal belts, too!

Here are a few cords to give you an idea of the variety in color and style. Some of the cords are available for purchase. Others were custom made for couples who used them to tie the knot. ‘

I make every cord by hand. Because the foundation layer is flat, each cord can also be used as a wedding gown sash. Imagine a beach wedding. Lacy waves decorate the shore. Tiny shells bead the sand. A peach sunset drenches the sky. And all those details are captured in the cord falling gracefully from your waist.

If you appreciate handcrafted items and unique gifts, if you consider yourself spiritual not religious, please consider a custom handfasting cord, an oathing stone, a nesting family of owls, animal totem earrings, or any number of other items I offer on Etsy.  Thank you.