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The bride and her dad walk down the aisle / Photo by Carol Chaput

The bride and her dad walk down the aisle / Photo by Carol Chaput

You’re getting married! You’re about to create a major signpost on the map of your life. Perhaps you’ve known each other for years and friendship paved the way for your commitment. Perhaps you met by chance and what followed was a whirlwind romance. However destiny brought you together, your love story has the power to change the world.

It’s the stories of couples falling in love that led me to my work as an officiant. When my first romance novel was published, I never dreamed I would someday bring “Happily Ever After” to life. And yet it feels only natural to incorporate a love story into a wedding ceremony. After all, your love story is the heart of your ceremony! Your story not only affirms the unique quality of your relationship, it provides a prelude for the vows you will make to each other. And it just might provide a gentle blueprint for those guests who want to be married but aren’t. Now that’s a wedding gift you can give to them!

“I had so many guests come up to my husband and I afterwards and tell us that they had never been to a wedding like ours. It was so heartfelt and people got to hear our love story. Zita beautifully and eloquently spoke about how we met and included different wedding rituals that were important to us. Friends of ours that have been together for 37 years came up to me after the wedding and said Zita has made them consider getting married!” (Angela and John)

Bride and Groom tie the knot

In a handfasting ritual, the couple literally ties the knot.

Let me write your love story and weave it into a ceremony that will engage your guests. If you’re open to creative ideas, there’s a whole world of possibilities beyond “Dearly Beloved.” You might include a ritual based on the magical properties of trees or herbs, or the meaning in seashells, cultural myths and fairy tales, a passage from Shakespeare or Dr. Seuss, a poem about dogs, song lyrics about the moon. You might incorporate a ribbon or a rope, a wine glass or a beer stein, sea glass or dragons.

“The ceremony was something I just thought we had to get through until the partying, but Zita made it very special and romantic.” (Jessie and Chris)

In the end, ceremony doesn’t have to be religious to be spiritual. It doesn’t have to be traditional to be meaningful. It doesn’t have to be long to be memorable. But the memories you make that day do need to last a lifetime. I’d be honored to help you do just that.

I’ve had years of experience as a ritualist and have designed ceremonies for individuals and groups of 500.

In my blog, Ritual Writer, I share what I’ve learned about the significance of rituals in all stages of life. You’ll also find some of the wedding rituals I’ve created.

You want your guests to know who you are as a Couple and why you fell in love. You appreciate the power of story. To talk about how I can create a wedding ceremony around your love story, please call me at 860-402-4231 or email me at  Zita@MoonRiverRituals.com

Giving your love story a special voice