Laura, Colin, and the Popsicles: A Real Wedding in Connecticut

Recessional of Gatsby-themed wedding

Newlyweds Laura and Colin at Gatsby-themed wedding at Farmington Gardens in CT

A couple’s love story beats at the heart of their ceremony. Here’s a brief excerpt from the story I wrote for Laura and Colin… because every couple’s story is worth telling.

~ ~ ~

The very wise Dr. Seuss once wrote about being weird and how two people who are mutually weird can fall in love. So it was with Laura and Colin.

At the time, Laura was living with her long-time friend, Kurt. They were both going through transitional periods in their lives. Kurt was a very social person and an excellent cook who held weekly supper club parties. Though Laura was always invited, she rarely attended, preferring to enjoy reality TV and the solitude of her room.

On one occasion, Kurt invited his friend Colin to the dinner party. Laura had declined the invitation. She wasn’t being antisocial. She had a severe sore throat and when she spoke, she sounded just like Harvey Fierstein, only slightly deeper. That night, despite her sore throat, growing hunger forced her into the kitchen. She planned to scurry in without being noticed, grab something cold, and retreat like a squirrel raiding a bird feeder.

Colin spotted her immediately. It was like a scene from a movie. The prisoner is about to make her escape. The search light lands right on her.  Stop!  Freeze!  Meet Colin.

He was mesmerized. She sported a hard-angled, Joan Jett haircut and said something sarcastic about the safety goggles he was still wearing from work. She also said something about needing a Popsicle and took one from the freezer.

To Colin, she sounded edgy and vulnerable at the same time. He thought she was really cool. He desperately wanted her to stay. So he did what any man would do in the same situation. He grabbed a handful of Popsicles and started juggling.

~ ~ ~

Laura and Colin were married in November, 2014, at the beautiful Farmington Gardens in Farmington, Connecticut. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds posted this review: “…Zita made our ceremony personal. People said it was sweet, romantic, funny, unique – and not just close family, but the friends who usually would fall asleep during the ceremony! Most importantly, she made us feel special, that it was definitely OUR wedding, not something generic.”

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