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Laura, Colin, and the Popsicles: A Real Wedding in Connecticut

A couple’s love story beats at the heart of their ceremony. Here’s a brief excerpt from the story I wrote for Laura and Colin… because every couple’s story is worth telling. ~ ~ ~ The very wise Dr. Seuss once … Continue reading

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TV Interview: Couples’ Empowerment with Judith O’Connor

On Weddings with Zita, I tell viewers they’ll be “inspired by the experts.”  Here’s the link to an interview with Connecticut wedding officiant and couples’ counselor Judith O’Connor. She’s the wise woman we all want to have as our friend. … Continue reading

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What Couples Don’t Know About Their Ceremony

Every couple deserves to have a ceremony that reflects who they are and why they fell in love. As a wedding officiant, my personal mission is to show couples what’s possible and help them create the ceremony of their dreams. … Continue reading

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OATHING STONES: For Marriage Vows and More

Hearken back to a time long ago when people believed the land was the home of the ancestors.  Everyone knew that the spirits of loved ones who had died now guided and protected those still walking the earth. Everyone understood … Continue reading

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The Wedding Jar

Even the shortest, simplest wedding ceremony deserves to be special. It is, after all, a celebration of love and a commitment intended to last for life. It was for these simple ceremonies that I created a ritual I call “The … Continue reading

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Ritual: GARDEN GIFTS by Zita Christian

Many believe that eating basil will protect you and give you courage. And eating orange peel will make you fertile. True. My daughter Laurie Neronha and I love to cook. Despite the aggression implied in the language of the kitchen … Continue reading

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Be Generous With Your Jellybeans

When my daughter, Laurie Neronha, was a senior in high school, she worked part-time in the candy section of a fancy department store.  One afternoon, I watched her help several customers.  Each one ordered a pound of gourmet jellybeans.  Laurie … Continue reading

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Three Words A Year

I meet once a month with a small group of women who come from three different states. We’ve been getting together since 2006. We range in age from mid-forties to late-sixties. Our family scenarios differ, as do our employment situations. … Continue reading

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Maiden, Mother & Crone: Celebrating 3 Generations

Every Maiden isn’t young. Every Mother doesn’t have a child. Every Crone isn’t old. What’s important is the energy each embodies and how it makes itself known. Which Goddess are you? The Maiden embodies the creative force. Like one of … Continue reading

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My First Public Ritual: The Making of a Medicine Woman

  To Little Elk, schooled in the healing ways of the Pueblo, she was his destiny.  He knew from a childhood vision that before he died he was to anoint a Medicine Woman, but not Pueblo.  Cherokee. To Lothar, she … Continue reading

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